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See Through Pharmacy (Starter/Add-On) - Double Sided Bays

See Through Pharmacy (Starter/Add-On) - Double Sided Bays


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United Store fixtures has developed an improved 7 ft high "see through open pharmacy bay." It is a solid, strongly constructed free standing shelving unit that can be placed anywhere on the pharmacy department floor.

Its simple construction makes it quick and easy to assemble in minutes.
This bay is usually purchased so that the pharmacist, while in the bay area,
can see any customers that may be need service. Also, if the pharmacy is small, the bay area will have a more open feel to it.

Each individual shelf is 16” long x 8” deep and can be placed in the straight position or they can be on a downward slant position. Each bay unit comes with 7 rows of shelves on each side.

Please call for pricing.