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Jumbo Shopping Cart


Regular price $219.45 $126.19 Sale

United Store Fixtures' own shopping carts are strong and durable with a thick double wire top frame going all around the top rim. They are painted with a special outdoor powder coating spray in the color gray. Store names on the cart handle are also available. Call for information.

This cart comes with blue corner guards, a plastic handle and a child seat with restraining seat belt. This cart has a very deep basket and no bottom grill.


  • Handle: 22 ½"
  • Basket Length: 33"
  • Basket Height: (front) 19", (back) 25 ½"
  • Basket Width: (front) 16.25", (back) 22"
  • Basket Capacity: (top) 13,300 Cubic Inches (bottom) N/ACubic Inches
  • Cart Nesting (12)
  • Wheel: 5"